Get a Condo – Kiaraville (Mont’ Kiara)


Located on one of the highest points of Mont’ Kiara, imposing a breathtaking panorama of Kuala Lumpur’s expanding cityscape, a Unexampled Way of looking in opulence condo is being shaped. Sit on a 6.74 acres of stately land, it proffer residents modish architecture and ingenious layouts. There are 404 units entirety, contained by 5 blocks of high and low rises, with its airy 404 units differing from 1,600 sq ft to 6,000 sq ft.

This introductory project is developed by Binaderas Sdn Bhd (Binaderas), in joint effort with CapitaLand Financial Limited and OCBC Bank. The major backer of Binaderas are Legacy Essence Sdn Bhd, a solely owned company headed by Mr Lai Siew Wah, who is also the Group Managing Director of Ireka Corporation Berhad, a company listed in Bursa Malaysia. The other company is CapitaLand Financial Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of CapitaLand, Singapore. CapitaLand Singapore is one of the largest listed developer in Asia.

This development has been created around a central landscaped plaza to facilitate boasts plenteous water features, and towards the Southern boundary, a jungle recreational area immensely planted with tropical trees, which offers denizens a total sumptuousness surroundings and tranquility. A portly private in-house garden occupied by manifold swimming pools, timber sundecks, pavilions, grassplot and other recreational areas all enveloped surrounded by a pleasant-sounding combination of lush greenery, trees, water features and waterway.

In terms of locality, it has exceptional set of connections of roads and highways whereby it is effortlessly easy to get to via Penchala Link Expressway (Sprint Highway), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) and the DUKE highway(open recently) which will link up Mont’Kiara to the Jalan Duta area across the North Klang Valley Expressway (the new Jalan Duta Kiara). Make available a new channel route to the area.

The five blocks of Kiaraville are, Tower A(33 storeys), Tower B(28 storeys), Tower C(18 storeys), Tower D(10 storeys) and Tower E(13 storeys). Most of the higher units are in Towers A, B and C and it have an unobstructed view of the Kuala Lumpur city centre, specifically the Twin Towers and KL Tower.

Tower E only has two units per floor and two lifts be good enough to served. The two penthouses have the private swimming pools. Each unit in Tower A, B and C, comes with lanai and of course it can be extended as a larger living room.

The parking bays are located at the lower levels of the landscaped deck and connected to the five tower blocks.

The units are fitted with built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, and water heaters(in all bathrooms). The bathrooms also outfitted with imported sanitary fittings. The units are created to capture natural daylight and cross ventilation, therefore you will come across a full-height windows and the 10ft ceiling height in the condos.

How to Budget Your New Home Designs

You want a new home design but you have no idea if you can afford it or not. There are lots of options to choose from, yet you want the home design that suits your taste and of course your wallet. If you want to have some ideas, you need to check out some home design and house builder sites that provide amazing listing of new home designs and styles to get the house design of your dreams.

The first thing you need to do is estimate your house, meet up with the home builders who make houses that are similar in size, quality, and features to the home you want. Home builders will tell you how much per square foot they frequently charge for home structure. They can also give you an approximate idea of what your dream home might cost. Ask them if they have already some price lists, this will both lessen the waste of time.

Expect some features to cost more like new furniture, new paints, new landscape and etc. The most costly areas in building a home are regularly the bathrooms and the kitchen. The number of windows and the size and quality of windows can also change the charge. Vaulted ceilings and high roof pitches can increase the cost of a home design. When you want to use other homes to calculate an estimate, be sure the home has the same style and features of the home you plan to build.

According to, “the cost per square foot is often higher for a small home than that of a larger home. When building a larger home, the cost of expensive items (such as a furnace or kitchen) is spread over more square footage. Consequently, a larger home may have a lower square footage cost than a smaller home. Also, it usually costs less to build a two-story home when compared to a one-story home that has the same square footage. This is because a two-story home will have a smaller roof and foundation. Plumbing and ventilation are more compact in two-story homes.”

Check all the sizes of your house, from the living area, dining, kitchen and bathroom. Have your home size rounded up or down to increments of two feet. This reduces wasted materials. Also, the shape of your home is important, better yet take a picture all the different sides of your house. In this way, house builders will have a draft beforehand before the ocular.

Minimalist Architecture For New Home Designs

If you are looking for modern house designs especially designed for style and functionality, then choosing Minimalist house designs and plans is right for you. It makes use of clean, geometric lines to create a sleek look. This is great for house design with limited area space. You will be able to make full use of all the space. It is simple, stylish and effective. To achieve a full minimalist effect, most houses use multiple function elements. The heater, for example, could be directly installed in the floors or walls.

Lighting is also very important when it comes to minimalist architecture. It makes use of only high quality lights, because the idea is to create a simple effect. Also, the colours black and white are very common. They are usually the basic colour of minimalist design houses. Sometimes, dark wood is also used for the floors. The roofs are usually flat, unlike regular houses. This is to further create a simple effect. It pays attention to the cleanliness of the joints of the walls as well. This is another reason why minimalist design makes use of flat roofs.

Pops of colour brighten the minimalist designed house. Bright colours like red, yellow and orange provide an interesting and aesthetically pleasing contrast to the overall design of the house. They usually take the form of vases, artworks, or simple pieces of display furniture.

If you want to know more about the latest in home design, it would be best to consult new home builders. They can design homes for you in any style you want. They can easily make use of the minimalist design. You can look at their various house designs and plans to see which one works for you. You can also look at a few house design and plan, for some inspiration. You can easily get your dream minimalist house and land package with the help of a good, reliable home builder.